Bitcoin Support LOST! (Elon Leaves Twitter Behind)

Bitcoin’s support has collapsed and twitter’s fate is unknown. In today’s show, we discuss the cryptocurrency markets and the latest …


  1. He Ben, have you noticed Limewire $LMWR is launching on Bybit and Kucoin this week. If they are as successful as Limewire was in 2000 , it could become a 100x project in the next bullrun. You had a short some time ago on this project..

  2. these xrp moon boys in the comments are saying xrp will flip btc the xrp mc will have to 24x and btc mc has to stays the same also xrp was never 2nd ranking ever in the top 100 first try to over take eth or bnb mc plus i could tell this is alot of peoples first year in crypto lol

  3. the stake promotion and monster logo up there is ridicoulous. since then literally your content and show went into the trash and seems so desperate. sad how good things go bad

  4. Dafuk you talking boy? Which support are you watching? You are FAKE, do you really know how support works?
    Letโ€™s go technical, go to the weekly chart and tell me where is the 200 EMA, please do! Where is the 21 EMA? Did we broke those? No! Case closed.

  5. US Dollar ๐Ÿ’ต is dead but USDC will carry over and the backing is different. Tether.. we don't know what "token" will take over and hopefully it will be stable backing and non inflation

  6. For the people that are STILL b**ching and moaning about the Stake ads, it's better to not comment and be thought of a fool than to comment and remove all doubt.

  7. Hey Tim, it's good that you don't drink. Don't be ashamed of that. Don't go along with the crowd to be "cool". I was around alcoholics throughout my childhood. I know all about it. And to anyone who would argue, just do this: list the positives vs the negatives that come from people drinking. Just do that.

  8. I just watched an eight minute video with Ben. Thanks for the information but you guys are totally milking the ads. They are way too long . Eventually YouTube will flag this shit.

  9. Bitboy, since you depict BTC broken, you're selling all your BTC- right? Far better click-bait would be pictures of you making weird faces!๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜…

  10. Of course Elon would hire someone like that. There's more to Elon than meets the eye that's for sure. You don't rub elbows with people like the WEF. They literally follow a doctrine that calls us "The Vile and Profane" Satan is God. This nonsense has to stop spreading. They only associate with each other.

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