Bitcoin Price Prediction Today!

Shorting Strategy Video #1 ✓ ✓ Shorting Strategy Video #2 …


  1. Sup Ry….i really think there is another leg down…. cycle starting in dec 2022. I Love crypto that stands for something. Bitcoin stands for something. Xen is on the same page too. What are you thinking about xen? It has been on everyone mind. What is on yours?

  2. Love the video, thanks for the update. I have been DCAing bitcoin weekly for a while now. You mentioned in your video that you DCA every Friday, is there any reason to choose Friday? I’ve always wondered what’s the best day of the week to dollar cost average into crypto, if there even is one.🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. I found BTC at the start of the year and i've never looked back. I try to tell my friends but they are addicted to the fiat system and firmly believe and trust the big banks will take care of them. Some of them have listened and can now really see whats happening…..some, not so much. ha. Thanks once again for the amazing videos mate. When are you coming to Australia for a beer? ha ha

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