Bitcoin Live Trading: Time is Running Out! Crypto Price Shock Countdown EP 1218

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  1. (FED RESERVE HAS FAILED TO CONTROL INFLATION So Now We Turn To Bitcoin to END INFLATION LIKE WE USED TOO WHEN WE USA HOARDED GOLD Forcing the demand of dollar in scarcity rise in value.) If you want to remove inflation and force fed rate cuts Get Bitcoin, Decentralized crypto consumes inflation out off centralized circulation. So more money in bitcoin means less money in circulation causing dollar scarcity which causes the demand of dollars to rise and the dollar regains purchasing power. Cause foreign nations then want dollars for more bitcoin and they want dollars if the crypto mine and sell more decentralized crypto to usa.

    More crypto mining decentralized crypto blockchains is also more NVIDIA HARDWARE SALES= more nvidia profits and more nvidia bull run.

    Try not to sell bitcoin hold it, till inflation is over. Selling bitcoin Returns inflationary dollars back into circulation, and ends dollar scarcity and dilutes devalues the usa dollars purchasing power.

    Preferably we want to sell bitcoin in deflation to lower deflation.

    IF WE HAD GOLDSTANDARD we would NOT have HIGH INFLATION cause they cant overprint With the BACKED GOLDSTANDARD.

    Fed reserve and centralized banking removed GOLDSTANDARD to cause inflation by diluting devaluation and weakening the dollars purchasing power.

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