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  1. Thanks Andy. Problem I have with market buys is that the spreads from $110-$350 are rediculous on most exchanges I'm able to use geographically. Unfortunately, bibit and bitflex are out of my juridiction. Any suggestions?

  2. They daily volume on the sell was relatively weak tbh. We are about to start crushing sideways imo. 27k by mid to late October, then maybe down from there. Regression trend low is about 17.5k for potential recession range on a weekly close. If it simulated covid drop 10-12k wick is still possible, but it's getting g less and less likely. Peak on regression and timing from the halving is approx Nov 2025 – Feb 2026 for next market peak at $140k, if on schedule and history repeats.

  3. Bitflex closed my position, i was short from the top 50x BTC and they closed me at 26700. useless exchange, I was not even able to enter more short trades before the crash, I took photos of the screen.

  4. i use too much risk managmentbut hell only lost 1% on that dump and now entering for a long with a stop at 25950 . it will get stopped out before the pump back to 30k+ but might not lol

  5. I think the bottom is NOT IN!! We will go lower than $15.5k I'm DCA-ing in, because nobody can predict and this market has been completely WACKADOO. Getting ready for the halving and bull run

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