Try Margex to long or short crypto! NO KYC. Make a deposit THEN use code: MFF20 to get a 20% bonus on deposits, up to $10k …


  1. Try Margex to long or short crypto! NO KYC. Make a deposit THEN use code: MFF20 to get a 20% bonus on deposits, up to $10k to be used to cover up to 50% of fees for 2 weeks!

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  2. I will be forever grateful to you, you changed my whole life and I will continue to preach on your behalf for the whole world to hear you saved me from huge financial debt with just a small investment, thank you Elizabeth Wesley

  3. As always, a great analysis. Newcomers often wonder if it's too late to navigate the financial market, but the market is always unpredictable. Trading has more advantages than simply holding, so it's important to learn before diving in. Active trades are necessary to ride the market's waves. Thanks to Christopher Alexander Walter’s insights, daily trade signals, and my dedication to learning, I've been increasing my daily earnings. Kudos to the journey ahead!>>

  4. Hi Sam, I’m new to your channel and I love your TA and how you explain it in a simple way that is easy to understand. I’m new to crypto and I just opened up accounts in Robinhood, Kraken and Coinbase. But neither of these 3 exchanges offer many new small cap cryptos to buy like Bome, Pepe, Floki, maybe Mylady as a gamble. I tried opening an account with Binance US but for some reason it won’t let me Register an account in the USA. I’ve already bought some Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin and Bonk between the 3 accounts I was able to open in the USA but I’m having trouble finding more Crypto Exchanges that offer a lot more crypto to buy. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you can provide me sir.

  5. And if it dumps down to 52k then does that invalidate your theory ? Just kidding with that statement but new ppl need to know how fast and unexpected BTC can dump on your in a way that makes your head spin. Which will be a great time to buy more btc more alt coins as it will go back up after the halving ..believe that Raol Pal saying it will go to 200k. You could be absolutely right but telling ppl to buy now, hope you mean wait and see if we drop this week?

  6. I honestly don't understand why you're discussing these dubious schemes. There are plenty of options like Eledator and similar ones that are fast and profitable.

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