Bitcoin Holders…Prepare for Catastrophe

Today let’s talk Bitcoin, Crypto, and about the US market. Is the USA going to default? What is going to happen? ITrustCapital …


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  2. All the crypto people are already crypto people LOL.
    A conference with a $50 entrance fee for regular people would be awesome.
    The exchanges the influencers and the market itself would all benefit.

  3. Be prepared? Biden is a traitor, vile, corrupt politician. On top of that he is becoming mentally incompetent. The mix is creating Economic turmoil in US. US will prevail and the Debt Ceiling crisis will be resolved albeit NOT perfect.

  4. Don’t laugh George..some of us are suffering. All of us are not as fortunate as you to live in your moms basement. I’ve been on my own for 25 years.

  5. The same BS over and over. If there is no agreement, they will kick the can down the road, by giving the government an extension of time to figure it out. It is all such cheap drama.

  6. 1933 – DEFAULT by the U.S. government on its gold bonds.

    1968 – DEFAULT by refusing to honor its explicit promise to redeem its silver certificate paper dollars for silver dollars.

    1971 – DEFAULT breaking of the U.S. government’s commitment to redeem dollars held by foreign governments for gold under the Bretton Woods Agreement.

  7. The so called debt ceiling is a joke…they just need to actually follow a budget that keeps us from hitting the ceiling…idiots sell only asset that could get there asses out of this mess in the future but they don’t care

  8. Admitting that the US will defualt in catastrophoc fashioin if the debt cieling is not raised is like admitting to US bond holders that this all a huge ponzi scheme. This cannot go on forever.

  9. The usa has so many undertaxed millionaires and billionaires that it is silly to think that they need to cut costs. The US needs to raise taxes

  10. I am 100% gaurantee IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. This nonsense happens every time. Just a charade. Generally the spineless Republicans cave in. Actually I would like to see the US go bankrupt. Could be exciting. But it won't happen

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