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  3. The difference between Bitcoin and the USD is that, unlike the privately owned central bank, Bitcoin doesn't rely on bribing politicians to enable unlimited creation of new money.

  4. The thing that’s a little confusing no a lot confusing is all the Youtubers that have been through all the bull runs. None can agree on that. The bull run is over that the bull run has started or this is the beginning it’s over in September. It’s over Christmas already been going on for six months to a yearwith all the experience, I wish the real news would reveal itself is run over. Are we in the middle or is it just beginning? I don’t know anyway I’ve been in it for over a year. I’m not touching anything for a while. We’ll see what happens.

  5. 0:00: 💰 Caution advised for Bitcoin holders as significant market developments are expected, leading to a potential surge in value.
    4:28: 📈 Bitcoin's recent performance, influx of new investors, and market sentiment discussed.
    9:12: 💰 Retail investors tend to buy high and sell low, while institutional investors drive Bitcoin ETF inflows.
    13:12: 💰 Significant inflows into Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong surpass initial expectations.
    18:02: ⚠️ Government crackdown on Bitcoin mining and regulation in the USA
    22:20: 💰 Investing in upcoming projects with potential air drops and real-world asset yields.
    26:46: ⚡️ Emerging meme coins gain value based on community, narrative, trend, and blockchain they are on.
    31:18: 💰 Alt season is not just during exponential growth, but also in between with opportunities for profit.
    36:30: ⏳ Strategic release of coin supply to avoid market dilution and ensure sustained demand.

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  6. What’s your opinion on new coin pre sales? I just bought Solvation coin $SOLV when they did there presale a few weeks ago and it just went live 2 days ago and was air dropped and now I’m up 5x already should I cash it out or let it ride? Could it potentially go up 100-500x? It has a strong community and devs and is on Solana which everything on Sol is hot.

  7. 😂 no one with functioning brain will buy anything btc related. Narratives for crypto psychopaths. Its always they buy with zero proof. Fairytales for poor. Hongkong is good example.

  8. So odd… all I see is bullishness everywhere but I keep hearing that everyone is bearish 🤷‍♂️

    I’m over here waiting for 55-52k because I’m trying to counter trade the masses calling bottom.

  9. Easiest 3-4X ever and people can’t do it. HODL till mid 2025. Study the charts. People just don’t know how to develop a long term mindset and that’s why more than half America lives paycheck to paycheck in. No patience.

  10. Saying that Trump is going to be pro Crypto is pretty wild man. Donald Trump is probably the worst possible outcome for the USA. On top of his fascist anti democracy pro authoritarian leanings he is indebted to big banks like Deutsche corrupt thugs like Putin and God knows who else. Trump will do whatever big money tells him to do same as any other US president. He'll just take away womens, minority, immigrant rights on top. Lark I feel like you've been away from the USA too long or have your head buried in the sand regarding the current state of things in the USA with regards to Donald Trump. So many died under Trump during the pandemic due to his lies. Trump, like most authoritarians is NOT pro freedom which is what BTC represents. Will he SAY he is pro Crypto to get elected? Of course he will🤷🏾‍♂️ I wish folks would stop being so casual about the threat that Donald Trump represents not just to the USA but to the world at large.

  11. Influencers-
    When Market falls, sell everything, its the end!
    Market bounces back, dont be fooled! Its the biggest bull run ever!
    Guys no matter what, HOLD until March 2025, this may be your last chance to come out rich!

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