Bitcoin for Beginners: Bitcoin Explained in Simple Terms

This is the first part of a talk which took place on February 22nd 2017 at the inaugural Bloktex Conference pre-event, hosted at …


  1. Great video! I'd love to see a series of shorter videos explaining Bitcoin step by step. Many folks I've spoken to are hesitant to dive in due to the complexity. Short, focused videos could make it much more accessible.

  2. This is a very important query for the bitcoin world.

    There has been an impressive increase in transaction costs and delays in Bitcoin confirmations and it can be understood that it is because of the increase in transactions related to NFT's, miners crash their servers due to the digital weight of NFT images.

    Practically the whole bitcoin world will collapse.

    Is it possible for Adreas to comment on this?

    Hector Gonzalo

  3. 12:30

    Great talk overall, but Andreas is completely wrong when he says of Gold/Silver coinage that they "Do not represent value itself", and that "Money is not the valuable thing itself". Real "Money' has important attributes that differentiate it from currency: Medium of Exchange, a Unit of Account, Portable, Durable, Divisible, Fungible (interchangeable), and a Store of Value over time. The reason that Gold is valuable is that it fulfills ALL those properties for Money, while also having use as a commodity (jewelry, advanced electronics, aerospace, dentistry & medicine) and a high relative scarcity.

  4. You know you’ve come to the right person to learn about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, when he started to explain how money works. There’s respect in explaining something that might be common sense to some, but not to others

  5. Dear Bubble, I‘m referring to minute 19:27. So, my brain doesn‘t get it….because I always thought the reason why we all need to tell our identity to get a moneyaccount is to make it possible to search for a person later. I mean if nobody knows who got the money this is anarchy. How can we avoid criminality if there‘s no way follow the money?
    Or am I missing something? Thank you for the valuable content❤️

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