Bitcoin Exchange Quadriga FinTech Solutions Has an 80% Market Share in Canada

SmallCapPower spoke with Quadriga FinTech Solutions Corp. CEO Gerald Cotton at the recent AlphaNorth Capital Conference, …


  1. Don't trust someone who sounds like their vocals cords are inside their mouth. The "explanation" of bitcoin doesn't make much sense unless you blindly accept that it's useful.

  2. surely he paid the doctor told him to take a dead man and to make him change his face and to do it like Gerard and to make the whole world think that he is really dead … and he also told him to tell him the story of Little Red Riding Hood when he comes the police to ask for information … and he Gerard has changed his face and is hiding somewhere. obviously the wife and the doctor know it … and everyone else doesn't know shit … a person like Gerard is capable of anything … and too smart … but I'm smarter than him, and worse of investigators, never stop investigating the doctor … with money you can do everything remember, you can also bribe the doctor … with this I greet you … obviously it's my theory!

  3. He appears quite smart when he talks so that explain how he mastered the skill of scamming everyone and able to set up a good ponzi scheme.

  4. Yeah we need bitcoin so we can be protected when the world economic collapse comes our bitcoin currency will still be good. Welllll you canโ€™t even keep it in our ordered world of laws.

  5. He seemed wealthier here.. look at his interview year before.. from a broke skinny geek then became fat geek eating his investor money.. typical a modern thief in the information age

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