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  1. I know all of yall are saying to contact this man but where is his credibility I feel like these comments are all the same person replying to his/her own comment and the video is only 1 min 49 sec SCAM

  2. Due to my analysis, i think many will become millionaires in this current bull market but it's not the right mentality to holdd as hodlin can be very dangerous. As hard as it is trad!ng Crypt0 is way more lucrative and is quite logical if you just study the charts and the support resistance and pay attention to what's going on, Iā€™m not a pro trader but I was lucky enough to make 50BTC since late last year following the instructions and s!gnals of Mr Reece Stanley who runs guildandians for beginners and investors who lack understanding on how trad!ng Bitco!n works to help them utilise the volatility of the crypt0 market and also stack up more bit;coin. You can easily get to them on Te ;Ieg: ram @Reece_stanley whats app +1-3-4-6-9-0-0-1-4-2-7

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