Bitcoin Dumps 12% | You're Being Lied To About The Bitcoin ETFs…

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  1. Gap ups are fked up . Makes ppl who look like genius' miss the bounce and have to buy in close or slightly below sell . Gaps arent always filled and limit buys arent always filled

  2. This seems like the worst period.

    Even the market are now very unpredictable. Started investing recently when the market prices were a bit high,today I am more than 60% down!

  3. Nicholas is the most sensible, non-dramatic, likable guy in this space! He's transparent and exudes trust! He's never made me feel I need to "invest" in some ridiculous project without providing tangible facts to consider. If anything, he's convinced me to cash-out of some of my winners and remain sidelined until I feel the market is regaining upward momentum. God bless you Nicholas!

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