Bitcoin Dominance

Bitcoin dominance has been moving higher recently, so I wanted to provide a few thoughts on the matter. In this video we discuss …


  1. Hey I have a question – So regarding the SEC lawsuit against Ripple/XRP, if XRP is deemed a commodity, how would that effect how we percieve BTC/ETH? Does it depend on how we define XRP as a commodity and/or if it instead was deemed a security, would that mean the opposite for BTC/ETH?

  2. Brother,
    Please explain WHY you believe that being a Bitcoin Maxi implies a negative connotation.

    I think that it means that you have actually logically thought through the question "What is money?"

  3. I just came across your video for the first time and surprisingly this is a hidden gem crypto studies Youtube channel. Keep up the excellent work.

  4. What I am thinking of day after day is: should I convert my alts into btc? I have like 40% btc in my portfolio and not sure if thats enough (it should be a lot more than that) – because I am aware of that the btc dominance probably will rise and alts will bleed against btc in the next few months for sure. BUT: its soooo difficult to sell these alts (ada, matic, near, fantom, egld, avax, sol, link, dot) after 90% down from ATH. BUT again: they can easily dropp another 50-70%. BUT i bought them for like 4-5x price more then now and is so cheap now and I was stupid enought the hold them all the way down… BUT…. and i could continue this forever hahahahaha 😀

  5. I respect your opinion Benjamin but i don’t fully agree with you on this one, I do think BTC dominance will have a bounce but no where near the likes of past cycles, comparing BTC dominance in this cycle to previous is completely outdated as last cycle there were only 800 alts most of which had little to know utility/use cases this time around there are over 22000 alts many of which have good utility and which people are willing to invest in and hold even when the markets are in a bear market in my opinion the BTC dominance will break the support low at some point in the next few years and dominance continue to drop as the crypto space as a whole continues to grow

  6. I still think for the next cycle we will have to create a separate category for ETH. Either put it together with BTC or exclude it from the analysis altogether.

  7. Seems Bitcoin dominance will eventually overshadow stable coins. People will learn stability comes from Bitcoin vs. issues we will see with stable coins. You’re the best, thank you.

  8. I know altcoins are out of the discussion for now but can you make a quick video on Chainlink? I feel like they have made some strong moves during this Bear Market and I would like to DCA eventually.

  9. I recently discovered your channel and I gotta say, I'm really impressed. Great level-headed content. Logical. Calm. Macro. On multiple perspectives. Great job, and buddy! Subbed. And I don't sub many people.

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