Bitcoin Buyers – Don’t Be Fooled

Bitcoin ETFs coming soon, Solana news, and the US debt mess. TRADING COURSE 50% OFF SALE …


  1. The cryptocurrency landscape is gearing up for a significant infusion of capital, particularly with the anticipated approval of ETFs and the readiness of Ripple's XRP for mainstream adoption. As traditional fiat currencies wane due to inflationary policies, digital currencies are increasingly seen as a more reliable and rewarding investment. Given Ripple's efficient transaction platform and the likely surge of trillions into the crypto market, there's never been a better time to trade. I've personally benefited from following FRANCINE DUGUAY's trading tactics, amassing 21 bitcoins in a short two-month period, which speaks volumes about her expertise.

  2. Based on the fact that each new cycle has diminishing returns and based on the fact that the bitcoin monthly chart is showing significant bearish divergence on the RSI, its only logical to conclude that the next bitcoin cycle will not even get close to 100k. I am sure we will make another high again, maybe 80k or 90k, while making another lower high on the Monthly RSI. It may take another couple of bitcoin cycles before we definitively break 100k and go higher, probably closer to 2030.

  3. @TheCryptoLark .Hi Lark ! Thank you so much for your work and input into the crypto sphere. I have a question for you and would like your input into it :
    I'm preparing my "end of bullrun way out strategie" here. It will be my first bullrun and I wondering what you are doing as way out strategie :

    * hold your coin until X time and the potential top of the market
    * take 30% or 50% profit, reinvest it and then leave the rest until the potential top of the market

    * take at x2 to get back your investment, reinvest it and leave the rest to the potentiel top of the market.

    I try to put together some spreadsheets with different strategie but its kind of difficult.

    What would it be the most profitable way out with your initial capital.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. The current market buzz certainly offers a fascinating viewpoint. It’s quite startling to witness such bold predictions about the future trajectory of certain cryptos and stocks. The fervor around AI and the robot-taxi concept appears to be inflated. Amidst this, it’s essential to keep one’s feet on the ground and not be swayed by these forward-looking statements. My strategy in the climate has been to trade judiciously, and secure profits, and I can’t praise Janet Santa Sherry enough for her stellar work in analyzing charts, trades, and techniques. Her expertise has been instrumental in expanding my portfolio to a whopping $247k in just few months. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to grow their investments.

  5. Hyperinflation is the only way out of this Debt Spiral, unfortunately. They should just let inflation rip and get it over with instead of dragging it out over 10-15 years making it worse.

  6. BitCoin ETF is meaningless. As if there's not enough ways to trade BitCoin. I remember the BitCoin mercurial contract was going to be the next big thing. The day BTC went mercurial was the day in 2018 the crypto market crashed and didn't recover for almost 4 years

  7. I lost respect for so many i had following you since 2020 and always had respect of you, but when comes to support many project like Pulsechain, you and others really disappoint me. I really belive that Richard had giving us a opportunity to get away from this establishment

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