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  1. Aur iska circulating supply pe jo consern h uska kya? Ye v to ho skta hai ki ek side mcap increase hota rahe dusri side circulating supply increase karte rahe aur price ko same point pe maintain rakhe. Ye v to possible hai budhil ji?

  2. I' Ve been making a lot of losses trying to make profit trading. I thought trading on a demo account is just like trading the real market Can anyone help me out least advise me on what to do

  3. Recessions are an unavoidable part of the economic cycle; all you can do is prepare for them and plan accordingly. I graduated into a slump (2009). My first job after graduating from college was as an aerial acrobat on cruise ships. Today, I work as a VP for a global corporation, own three rental properties, invest in stocks and businesses, run my own company, and have increased my net worth in the last four years.

  4. First List of 2024 to 2025 Bull RUN TOP 30 Tokens List


    1. ARB 20 to 30 Per Arb – ROI RANGE : 10x to 15x
    2. OP 20 USD – ROI RANGE 7x
    3. TIA 200 to 250 Per Tia – ROI RANGE: 9X TO 11X
    4. BNB 1500 TO 2000 – ROI RANGE 9X TO 10X
    5. AZERO L2 Blockchain Price 20 to 30 – ROI RANGE 20x to 30x ( Kucoin, Huobi and others )
    6. ZKsync ( Coming Soon )
    7. LAYER ZERO ( ZRO Coming soon )
    8. Solana $800 USD – ROI 8X.
    9. FIL 250 USD PER TOKEN 25X ROI.
    10. BONK ( MEME ) 0.002 – ROI 10X.

    11. BLUR Biggest NFT Marketplace on ETH PRICE 10 to 15-
    ROI RANGE 20x to 25X.
    13. 10. STX PRICE RANGE 16 – EXPECTED ROI 14X. ( Build Layer 2 Solutions for Bitcoin Blockchain)
    14. AI ( Sleepless AI) ( It's Currently one of the biggest AI Gamefi projects in this market with over 700k Users ) Price 20 – EXPECTED ROI 15x
    15. ID ( One of the most innovative projects in this market is quite similar to ENS. PRICE 4 – EXPECTED ROI
    16. Waves Expected Price 40. ROI 18X
    17. PIXEL Expected Price 20 – ROI 20X
    18. Clover Finance CLV Expected Price 2 ROI 40X
    19. IDEX Expected Price 1 – ROI 13X
    20. NFP Expected Price 5 – ROI 10X
    21. CELR Expected Price .2 ROI 10X
    22. APE Expected Price 25. – ROI 13X
    23. AXS Expected Price 80 – ROI 10X
    24. MANA Expected Price 6 – ROI 10X
    25. TLM Expected Price .5 – ROI 23X
    26. RARE Expected Price 2 – ROI 18X
    27. 1INCH Expected price 5 – ROI 10X
    28. BANK Expected Price 20 – 10x ROI
    29. HOT Expected Price 0.03 – 10x ROI
    30. WIN Expected Price 0.003 – 30x ROI

  5. Bear market mai portfolio khun se bhara tha, ab agar market girta hai toh maze se khun kharidta huu, 30% profit book kaar rakhi thi aur BOME token ne thora paisa double kaar diya😂😂

  6. Hey pals, just wanted to share some exciting news – I'm getting in on the Weewu presale. With Solana gaining traction, this project has serious potential to 100x. Let's make moves and secure our spot in the future of gaming!

  7. Solana's on fire lately, and Weewu presale is the next rocket to launch. With NFTs and gaming taking center stage, this project has 100x written all over it. Secure your spot before it's too late!

  8. Hey Solana enthusiasts, have you checked out Weewu yet? NFTs and gaming are set to take off on Solana, and Weewu seems poised to ride that wave. Early stages, huge potential – could be the next 100x opportunity!

  9. Solana community, let's talk about Weewu. This project has caught my attention, especially considering the growing NFT and gaming scene on Solana. It's early days, but I'm feeling bullish – potential 100x in the making!

  10. Hey there, just dropping by to spread the word about Weewu. It's this new platform that's got gamers and crypto enthusiasts talking. If you're curious about the future of gaming, this is it!

  11. Calling all gamers and crypto fans! Have you caught wind of Weewu yet? It's this intriguing project blending gaming with blockchain innovation. Definitely worth keeping an eye on!

  12. Quick shoutout to all my fellow gamers and crypto enthusiasts! Have you heard about Weewu yet? It's this new project shaking up the gaming world with blockchain tech. Check it out!

  13. Hey folks, stumbled upon something cool lately – Weewu. It's this innovative gaming platform mixing blockchain and NFTs. Worth a look if you're into gaming or crypto!

  14. Hey Solana fam, got something exciting to share! Heard about Weewu? It's tapping into the NFT and gaming potential on Solana. Early phase, massive potential – could be the next big thing!

  15. Calling all Solana fans! Weewu is making waves with its integration of NFTs and gaming on the Solana blockchain. Early investors might be looking at a potential 100x opportunity. Don't miss out!

  16. Bhai budhil teri ek video dekh kr 1 saal ki aisi taisi ho jati hh . Ek dum goo analysis hai tera .tu ek kaam kr logo ka bhala chahta hai toh YouTube chodd de. Aur bhel puri bechle

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