Bitcoin and Time Series Investing: Plus Crypto updates on #TerraLUNA #MATIC $TSLA $SQ $SHOP $TDOC

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  1. If I remember right from one of the Cardano ada's Cardano's TPS is 257, but is adjusted to meet current peak demand to 8 TPS to conserve resources. Apperently they can dial it up and down.

  2. If tether was cancelled a lot of exchanges I use and a lot of the ways I move or trade certain tokens would be effected for the worse, it would send a pain point through the whole space and then that pain point would be addressed by another stable coin with newer exchanges and means of swapping built around it. Stable coins failing will be good to teach us how others may not fail.

  3. Can’t wait till crypto company’s are required by SEC to post the same reports as stocks. Wouldn’t it be nice to look up earnings and debts; how and why is was generated, and to what measure it will take the company in the next two years according to the company’s mission.

  4. Hi James. I was one of the people who pointed out the bigger growth of Fantom compared to Solana this bullrun. But first I must say, I’m not a financial advisor… 😉
    You are down on fantom now, I’m sorry to hear that. Have you seen the rest of the market (and Solana) as well right now? It doesn’t sound fair blaming your investments and it’s course on your beloved viewers imo. It cannot imagine you didn’t do the math this time? That history did not change suddenly. You must realize that your purchase was made after the marked peaked out last time, and the most volatile projects peak out up “and” down. Strange thing to point this out, but since you were showing emotions with this purchase by selling(?)(Add something with hands here! 🤭), I figured it is only fair to show support. And emotions are ok (Except when you need to be that machine haha).
    And James, head up, perhaps 2022 will be a flawless year!
    We can’t win ‘en all.
    Good times are coming!

    P.s; I just missed a 630x gain because of a phone call. Shit happens… no emotions here… 🤮

  5. Someone should make the biggest shitcoin of them all, and call it Sherman coin. God he sucks so bad. How do people like him get elected? It's so mind blowing. Definitely explains a lot of the problems we have in our society right now. Shit bags like him keep getting elected for some reason. People need to really start doing more research before they vote. Come on C19… where are you when we need you

  6. James, or anybody else, know what happens to my ETH that's owned via a certificate in my bank when ETH 2.0 goes live.

    And should we be scared that they can fuck things up on their side with the ETH 2.0 going live, I work as a java back end developer and merging two codebases together is something you always wanna avoid and its massive pain and a lot of things go easily wrong. There are several cases were functions are missed when we merge huge codebases, it's more or less inevitable, so I assume it's no different here and that it can take several months before ETH actually is better after the upgrade than before the upgrade, but that's just my thoughts.

    (I own ETH via certificate due to how taxes work here. I get to tax 1,25% per year on whole volume of my ETH instead of 30% capital gains tax if I would directly own ETH)

  7. Also, I'm of such mixed feelings about Cardano. I'm already far overburdened with its percentage in my portfolio, and have lost thousands. Then again, selling would just be locking in my losses. And I'm wondering if buying more is buying the dip or being a dip.

  8. Thanks a lot James. Your content is consistently intresting, very educational at least for me personally and easy to watch, especially with a glass of wine in the hand ✋ i feel well informed for my choices and most things make perfect sense. I am heavily invested in the classics you rightfully keep emphasising. I do share a lot of your mindset. The point where i am straying is a token called metahero. Young, promising story line and i guess not to be taken lightly: different to the mass with its designed usecase. Not without considering the fundamentals as good as i can, i bought a bag and gave it to my mife as a wedding day gift (as she is my hero, pun intended :P). I see a chance that she could retire on it. Id be curious if you have ever looked at it and might be willing to share your opinion on it. Even though it is a metaverse gig. The romantic in me (she is in fact a hero) would highly apreciate it. Thanks and cheers!

  9. Hello everyone. I like james. I perfer his analysis to other but he doesnt know the future. Do not listen to his opinion. If anything, dont listen to anyone opinion. I been watching the market for this whole year. I lost someoney. Non of these people know anything. Do your own reading.

  10. The dumbs subsubbed?

    FUD happens!
    the strong (cryptos) survive… then thrive!
    DYOR! Verify your holdings, crypto assets, wallets, exchanges, etc…


    * – Void where prohibited. Your crypto will vary!

  11. .3 BTC to be in the top 5%? Is this against total population or "1st world" population (I realize this is a loaded term). But This seems to be a very very low BTC number to me.

  12. James I don’t know if you read all these but please consider a video on manipulation because crypto is soooo full of it. Cheeky crypto in the uk have mentioned it aswell and wondered what your thoughts were.

  13. "​Bitcoin is a swarm of cyber hornets serving the goddess of wisdom, feeding on the fire of truth, exponentially growing ever smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of encrypted energy." Thinkblue (in the chat)

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