Binance Trading Tutorial… Complete Beginner's Guide On How To Trade On Binance

Binance trading tutorial for beginners. This is a complete beginner’s guide on how to trade on Binance, and every detail related to …


  1. Thank you so much. This is quite comprehensive and in a good process for an easier comprehension.

    Please my question is, how do I read the market to know when to perform any of the buy or sell activities? Also, is there a time limit I should set in placing a buy or sell order to avoid loosing the market?

    I hope to get your response, please.

    I sincerely appreciated your video.

  2. What if I place a limit buy order at a price lower than the market and market never reaches that price ever, will the trade automatically execute at the markets current price? Or it will result to total loss of asset

  3. Been binge watching your videos and it’s such a big blessing to have come by your channel, as a beginner in the crypto space, I feel more confident now, thank you and never stop teaching, you’re naturally excellent at it.

  4. Sir, if am going to buy, from where do I provide the money? Pls I am a new student in this your webinars and I am now a beginner and trading has been my dream. Pls assist me because I still didn't get this video at the end that talks about selling and buying.

  5. Hi, the explanation was great and simple. One thing I don’t understand is you mentioned in limit orders we can set a price lower than the market price as a buy order or we can set a price highest than the market value as a sell order. Then for stop limit orders why is that buying value was so highly set? And selling value was so low? I don’t get it.

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