BINANCE STRATEGY TRADING BOT (EASY Binance Trading Strategy 2024)

My Binance Strategy Trading Bot Tutorials reveals an EASY Binance Trading Strategy. Get a $100 Welcome BONUS to …


  1. Great video. I have question related to Spot Trading Bots. Lets say I have $3,000 USDT in my spot wallet assets and I only wanted to trade with $500 for an ADA/USDT bot with no leverage. If the price crashes below my set parameters, will the bot starting liquidating my USDT from my spot wallet?

  2. hey thank you for sharing this information.
    on spot trading when the boot execute the buy command does it actually buy the coin? or is it like futures?
    for example if BTC price is 39000 and you placed a buy command on 38000
    can you stop the bot for example and decide that you want to keep the BTC that the bot bought?
    or sell it later?
    (my question is does BINANCE STRATEGY TRADING BOT act the same as traditional spot trading?)

    I hope you understand my question

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