Billionaire Goes Mad for Bitcoin…

Today let’s talk about Bitcoin, Crypto, and US markets. Mexican billionaire Richard Salinas goes all-in on Bitcoin. The Next Crypto …


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  2. 100% agreed, but I sold all my altcoin for $pepe. Every bull run season, a God meme is created to pull cash flow into the market. Retail investors don't care about smart contracts, layer 1 or 2, they like memes and buy memes following to Influencers. In 2019 doge, 2021 shib, and 2023 there is $pepe, the special thing is that $pepe has not experienced a bull run season and MC has 350M $, the community is extremely strong, memes will pull cash flow into the market like doge and shib. It will x200-300 times this price. 70% of my portfolio is $pepe, the remaining 30% is USDT, I will continue to buy $pepe after each dip, In 2020 Shib dropped 87% from the first ATH then mega PUMP, $pepe dropped 84% from ATH, 100% of tokens circulating in the market, devs hold 2% of total supply..Binance HOLD over 30% total supply. Bulish, $pepe to the moon

  3. No. He’s laughing because he’s aware of how insane it sounds – he believes in it but it’s also embarrassing for him to say it.

  4. how can i withdraw my 3500 USDT TRC20 from Okx wallet to binance please help me
    12 Okx phrase:
    squirrel regular occur interest earth where orchard attitude slush rose shuffle judge

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