Bill Gates WARNS us about Bitcoin

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  1. If it goes up in currency that will ultimately cause inflation and bill gates is only worried about losing all his money considering he is the richest man in the world but if the world switched to bit coin then that'd be Satoshi nakimoto who ever he or she is

  2. Issue is in Asia is widely used so to say it'll collapse given the populous is skeptical. This is the west talking. Go China and everyone who is everyone has money and bitcoin. They have shops allover to pay in bitcoin. Asia is ahead of the west in tech and tech is the way forward.

  3. Anyone else feeling messed up with all the bad happening? Glad that TECHCLERIFY platform is giving power to the people which is not what I personally expected but it's there and everyone can get a good share of that. Don't just take my words on this, best is if you have a grasp yourself what they wanna do and what the vision is like. Probably something which will change the next generations and decide if it makes sense to run digital.

  4. I rarely read comments ever but techclerify company deserves a spot. if after everything which has been said about that you won't be convinced that's totally on you. Decisions are free to make but if even the most obvious is a no-go then there's no reason to ever believe in making any money with any investments at all. Sounds rough but plain truth

  5. Gotta spread some love for the breads that TECHCLERIFY platform help in getting. Not that they are pretty much one of the biggest companies worldwide but of course with making such a launch they will risk a lot of reputation. But I am confident they know what to do so there's that. We have officially reached the bottom I believe.

  6. Don't be confuse buying the dip in a bear market , with guaranteed future returns . Just because that company is down 60 % + from ATH does NOT make it a sound long – term investment . Make sure you're investing in great companies . kudos to Harriet DICKSON

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