Big Mistake: Crypto Bears Are Flipping Bullish, Bitcoin Hitting $30,000. | This is What Will Happen

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  2. Government policy has thrown the future under the bus for decades. The day of judgment is near. I predict an 80% drop in the stock market. Investors will abandon stocks in favor of real estate. There will be no money in banks… You must devise a strategy for survival.

  3. Jason, I'd absolutely die to see you and Sasha Yanshin do a YouTube crossover vid interviewing on each other's channels. Check each other out. You're similar in macro outlook yet sufficiently different in angle and focus. It's so complimentary, I'd be interested to see you both on a podcast or collab. I keep a few respected bears in my mix like Gareth to remain unbiased, but I gravitate to ylyou and Sasha's no bullish/sensibly realistic, centered commentry every single video.

  4. Great video but…real estate to be up again and ever onwards. Good luck if you believe that because the crash coming especially commercial is both faster and far greater than 2007-8 which will bring down the banks and economy in a cascading tsunami worldwidem….. unfortunately throwing out your charts and optimism out of the window. Time will tell who is right but what I see are in the figures and no nice chart available to draw pretty lines….deliberately obfuscated by those who know as devastation is too horrendous to contemplate… especially since there is no hedging or other steps that can be done to mitigate the coming mess.

  5. Nice video!! Great content, but you should listen to this.!! With banks failing, Investing in cryptocurrencies is a great way to diversify your income and leverage the potential to make a substantial return on your investment.

  6. I think this time will really be different Jason. The big players has started to enter crypto, and the mainstream has caught on to the 4 year cycle. They will catch us with our pants down and 🚀 BTC before the majority expect it

  7. Well exactly like the last time people were euphoric a lot of good hype was in the air and then a move from the whales crashed it and also the dollars has been down for a couple of weeks and I believe the dollar is gonna rise and BTC will crash soon until it reaches 7 – 9 k so in my case I am going to short BTC around 31 k $ cause the resistance is strong and I don't belive it will break through the 31 k $ resistance

  8. Although I'm currently bearish (at least not bullish across the board), Jason has been one of the most correct about the markets—from just about all the YTbers on crytpo that I've watched over the past couple years. And that indicator… pure gold! Even though, sometimes I think that's why he's right so much. haha

  9. This is coming from someone who was buying from November onwards.

    Only retail and krakens have been in a buying uptrend since November.

    Sharks (100BTC+) and Whales (1000BTC+) are still in a selling downtrend, ie they’re selling their BTC to retail. How can this be good?!

    Please tell me where I’m going wrong here…?

  10. Hi Jason – I don’t miss many of your tubes, ie first on my feeds. I’ve learnt so much since the last crypto peak. Keep surfing, your a grommet!

  11. Interested If u trade these moves?? If so IT would Be Nice If u could explain them. I think others would also Be interested! Thank u for The video ❤️🙏

  12. Ppl thinking you're in your 20s shows how poor their listening comprehension is XDD

    One Love!

    Always forward, never ever backward!!


  13. Hi Jason, I've been following your analysis of BTC and appreciate the insights you've shared so far. However, I wanted to bring up some larger economic factors that could impact its value in the coming months.

    As you know, the Fed Fund Rate has been rising and Non-farm Payroll numbers have been falling, which could have significant effects on liquidity. Additionally, the distribution of M2 money is another important factor to consider.

    While technical analysis is certainly valuable, I think it's important to take a holistic approach when making investment decisions. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on these issues and how they might impact BTC and other assets going forward. Thanks for your work.

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