Best Way To Trade Crypto In Canada (Newton vs VirgoCX vs BitBuy vs Shakepay vs Wealthsimple vs…)

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  1. I have been disappointed in VirgoCx. They do now have a bid/ask spread. And it can be 30 to 60 cents. They gouged me on closing a trade on 100 shares down 30 cents; they charged me $54. As well, putting a stop limit order in, Their spread takes you out much to early. Rather than hitting the target, their spread reaches the target earlier and takes you out to soon. So disappointing.

  2. Hi! Thanks for your awesome info. I have a question and can't get any info on it. I have requested my frist withdrawl and first it got blocked by Blockchain and they requested 60% of withdrawl, I did that and now VirgoCX has said they have the withdrawl plus the extra I added on. Now VirgoCX is sayig I need to put in 40% of my total Crypto Portfolio for me to do a financial verificaiton for me to obtain my withdrawl. The 40% of my total Crypto portfolio exceeds the withdrawl. Does this sound right??? Thanks for your help. New Crypto Trader…

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