Best Vwap Settings for Day Trading | Vwap Indicator

Welcome to TradeIQ! In this video tutorial I will show with you how to use VWAP indicator for day trading stocks like a pro. Volume …


  1. hello, been studying this video quite a bit and testing out and I do have a question
    for going for longs, does the vwap have to be above the 200EMA to make it into a bullish trend and also price action be above the vwap?
    same for shorts, does it have to be vwap below 200ema and price action close below vwap?
    for example I am seeing something like this being develope right now and price droppedbelow vwap and crossed 200ema but vwap at the moment was still above 200ema, I did get a red to blue on the ASH

    thanks in advance I hope you have a good day

  2. Thank you for this enlightening video it has helped me greatly. Many a time new comers are indecisive on how to start when it comes to their personal investment growth. But great investors can provide proper guidance…

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  5. Hello, I really like your new strategy and I watch all the movies, but I watched the last one 3 times and nowhere can I find information about which VWAP indicator you have chosen and what are its settings? Thank you for all the work you do for us, Best Regards

  6. Very insightful video!! I do not want to repeat the same mistakes I made last year. This year I will like to invest my social security and participate in great opportunities, to help me me prepare for retirement. please can someone share long-term investment ideas? ❤️

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