Best Trend Trading Strategy for Crypto, Forex, Stocks πŸš€

In this video, we’ll share with you a trending trading strategy that can be used to make profitable trades in the stock, cryptocurrency …


  1. Please read carefully as this is very IMPORTANT:

    Most of the Strategies I am actually showing you in the Shorts are NOT Backtested yet, those are Strategies I have found somewhere in the Internet and was told to work amazingly. If it is already backtested then I am telling it in the Video OR you will find the Link from the Long-Form-Video as a pinned Comment.

    The Reason for doing it in that way is simple, first I need to know which Strategies you Guys want me to backtest so we can see how this Stragies REALLY perform, second we need to grow this Community so more people can see the real Results and will not get trapped any more.

    With that being said, let me know IF you want me to BACKTEST this STRATEGY or if you have found a Strategy on another Youtube Channel that you want me to Backtest.

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