Looking for the best TradingView indicator for scalping? Look no further! In this video I’ll show you my favorite indicator for …


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  2. I would be very grateful if you can code this, thanks in advance, pal.
    Okay! I would like to work with two SuperTrends by the author KivancOzbilgic.

    The first SuperTrend values would be:
    ATR Period: 10
    Source: hl2
    ATR multiplier: 0.8
    The second SuperTrend values would be:
    ATR Period: 10
    Source: hl2
    ATR multiplier: 1.6

    I would be very happy to have these two SuperTrends working in the same code.
    It would be awesome to add a signal alert when all the values together apply.

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  6. Why every time I click on by or sell it says non-tradable symbol and then I have to switch to a tradable symbol and it changes the whole view of the chart it messes me up quite often

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  8. Try this INDICATOR GUYS
    RSI 25
    RSI 100 – Just 2 RSI
    HEIKIN ASHI – click settings and turn on real price on price scale, then observe and try. This strategy is kinda similar to this strategy

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