BEST TRADING INDICATORS FOR CRYPTO : Cryptocurrency Trading signals 2021

What is the best trading for trading cryptocurrency? We use the platform Trading View. This video will teach you how to set the setting that we use when we trade …


  1. most experienced traders like myself would rather learn proper skills to analyze price charts in making our own trading decisions, but many traders out there especially amateur traders still wonder if they can really fast-track their trading success using Signal Services only, now don't get me wrong signals are great, especially if you find the right one, but it is also smart if traders could be able to positively and accurately analyze price charts and make good trade results. if we closely have a look at some of the main reasons why people fail to make money from investing/trading online. whether it is stock trading, binary options, forex or cryptocurrencies, you will find out that the problem lies on traders being lazy and depending too much on signal services and also lack understanding of trading before going into it. so to be on the safe side it is best that traders, especially those still learning and practicing how to trade should know these tips first before entering into any online investment scheme: 1.Use a signalling service. … 2.Learn to use technical indicators. … 3.Trade stocks before trading binary options. … 4.Track your performance in each trade option security. … 5.Buy the right option length for your trading style. for more tips and trading strategies that can get you $20k-$40k per month kindly get in touch with me by mail as i am ready to show interested traders, both newbies, pros and amateurs how to trade confidently and make good profits using strategies that fetches $20-$40k per month.


  2. I need your thoughts one more time, dude. came across an review aboutAs I understand, their goal is to revolutionize the DEX market. Can I join them?

  3. Can I ask : I have about 2800 in ADA. I've gotten in at .38,.77,.91,.98 . If ADA was to hit $3 would I be pulling gains out and going back in? Or do I let sit. I am in ADA only 100% right now. Thanks in advance Ryan.

  4. if you want to use scan on tradingview add filters EMA 10 cross up EMA 100 in 5 min because EMA 100 exactly work as WMA 144 👍🏻 you will get signals on time

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