Best Scalping Strategy In 2 Minutes [ORDER FLOW]

Looking for the best scalping strategy that pro order flow traders actually execute in real …


  1. I have a question. Why do use jigsaw and not TT? Seriously I'm not bashing just really want to know the overall advantage of why you use jig saw..

  2. Hey can I contact you on email I want to set up my DOM the same way you have yours so I can see absorption better. I have the price ladder course and they don’t go over how to set up my DOM the way that you have it

  3. Thanks axia as always. Love you 🙂
    Is there a particular reason why trades are made on lows and not highs by trapping buyers?

  4. Axia never fail to deliver, that's also a clean looking ladder. Does anyone know how you set ladder up in SC with these colours and layouts?

  5. I 've been trading this way for the past couple of years. What really helped me was taking taking a course with Richard where he showed me how I could improve my profitability by having a defined target in addition to showing me a better way to size up in a trade. Great video!

  6. Man is it me or are these video's beginning to be very crisp and clean.. luv the way you brought in the price ladder to illustrate Richard… priceless!

  7. This is an excellent detailed breakdown. Love what you guys are doing with the new formats of content. I would recommend putting the advertisement somewhere else , as it blocked a key fee seconds while you were breaking down specifics on the chart around 3:40.

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