Best Place to Trade Cryptocurrency with Leverage

From all of the research I have done. I think this is the best place to trade cryptocurrency with leverage. Leverage trading crypto …


  1. There is no question about how amazing of a teacher you are. You are literally changing peoples lives and I sincerely applaud you. But I have a question, why do you set your RSI at the 50 level. Usually its the 70%-30% level. Not challenging your methodology at all, I'm just trying to gain a better understanding.

  2. Hey Arty! Your video couldn't have come in a better moment. After watching your "about 75 videos" along the months while practicing with something around $15, I've managed to keep positive and really started to feel "limited" by only being able to use long positions…At the moment I'm on Binance and been actually interested in Bybit due to the possibility of moving my orders by clicking on them on the charts (pretty useful for trailing stop loss – something I've been getting good at).
    That said, I began my studies about derivatives vs margin trading, just so I could start practicing short positions. I would not like to use leverage at first (never used it, so far). According to you experience, would you say derivatives are a better option to start with, in comparison to borrowing and repaying real assets with margin trading? Also, on binance I can't use isolate margin if I don't accept 10x leverage…is this a standard? I really hope this message reaches you, so you can save me once again.
    Thanks! Once I never got to retribute you for your help, I'll at least use your link with my $15 to help, while I make my first million faster with your bonus (kkkk).

  3. thank you for this valuable info! 
    Can I use Bybit to scalp crypto without using leverage, so 1x? I did see @7min that you can 1x trade… Just making sure.
    if not what is the best platform form to scalp crypto (lowest fees)?

  4. You're amazing!! Such a badass! Nice to see someone who really knows what they're talking about instead of just "fluff" peeps. Plus, I love how you're straight to the point and super easy to follow and understand. Excellent teacher! I help a lot of newbies interested in getting into Crypto. I will definitely be recommending other peeps to your channel for sure. 🙂 Thank you! Happy subscriber.

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