Best Fibonacci Trading Setups to Grow Small Acount in 2023

How to use Fibonacci retracement levels to enter the market? In this video, we’ll demonstrate how to use Fibonacci retracement …


  1. Well, thanks in advance brother. To trade retracement(corrective move) in a trending market PDarray is a consideration factor. Between an order block and Fibonacci 61.8 & 78.6 range,which comes first to excute a trade ?

  2. A question in the last example. As we see there are triple bottom on 1 hour Timeframe, should we expect there will be a liquidity sweep in that area and set long position in the order block below that triple bottom?

  3. Very clear and complete video, without annoying zooms nor special effects that distract for the important information. You have a new subscription and a big fan. Even after 3 years learning trading, your videos still teaching me something new. Thank you for your great work!

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