Best Day Trading Computer Station for 2021- Day Trading Gaming Set Up

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  1. I liked your video, it covered all the basics for a new day trader such as myself, I am wondering what is the benefit of a curved monitor form a day trading perspective? I am also curious if it would be necessary to have a refresh rate of over 75 HZ, I like the four screen setup with mount and plan on going with what you have here initially, I love the ergonomic chair as well. I appreciate you taking the time to put the video together. My own sit stand is about 56 inches long, but I might actually mount the monitors on the wall. It is hard to say which is really best. I also wonder if there is any benefit to having a curved monitor as opposed to a flat screen. keep up the good work and sending you positive light on your trading, especially with the fed meeting tomorrow.

  2. I live in a country and remote area where it is difficult to obtain all of these computers and monitors. We have good internet and I have a good MacBook – can I do decent trading on my laptop? The setup is intimidating to me, I travel quite a lot too.

  3. Hi! I really liked this video. I am just starting on my day trading journey and am really in the very earliest stages. Too many videos I find address more advanced issues but I am not there yet. This was great. I have lots of questions but I will look at your other videos as you may answer most of there. I am Canadian too! Thanks again!

  4. You can't possibly be a grandma. If you are, you must have taken really good care of yourself because you look to be in your twenties.
    Great video by the way.

  5. Nice Video. Just found your channel. I have a Older HP XW8600 Workstation. Pick it up back in 2015. It was used when I got it. Wow! it's a fossil but it still a beast. LOL Paid $725.00 on Ebay to TradeStation. 6 monitor 8-Core 32Gb of Ram 3.0 GHZ 1TB Trading Computer . Need new HDD's they are maxed out to the rim full. The SSD's will cost more then the whole CPU. I have 2 – 32" LG monitors surrounded by 4 -27" Asus monitors. I am not really a trader yet but when I retired ( Early) I had a lot of money so my plan was to become an investor so I got the equipment. I have learned some expensive lessons. What brought me here was I noticed you an other have your screen landscape divided into 4 sections of charts and I want to learn how that is done for my system.

  6. AW MAN! This channel is addicting. I mean that in a good way. Ive been learning about saving, investing, and trading so thank you for the info you provide. Your corky humor
    makes me watch you videos from start to finish. So thanks and keep it up.

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