Best Cryptocurrency Mining Rigs to BUY RIGHT NOW!

I am a full-time miner and compiling all of my research on how to earn the most passive income from home I have determined …


  1. Awesome content! Thank you for sharing so much knowledge. Speaking of that, I have decided to go for an asic and I am wondering which would be the top 5 to buy from your perspective? Any guidance is much appreciated.

  2. So I’m new to all of this and as of today I want to purchase an ASIC miner preferably BTC or ETH can I find good one for around £500 that’s 600USD?

  3. Hey how you doing buddy I'm a big fan I have learned a lot from your channel. But I have a quick question with this new president we have from the economy going downhill. Is it still profitable to mine in which minor you will recommend for a beginner and still make profit?

  4. Bro finally ditched the bobcat miner scam. I got three of them and made a dollar that's how low the earnings are. It's finally picking up after I changed antennas but it's a lot to make money with bobcat miner and a lot of additional cost to get them going

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