Best Crypto Trading Strategy

This Strategy can be used to trade Bitcoin and make massive gain durring bull and bear runs. Bitcoin is currently on a massivde …


  1. The best trade strategy is to get involved & start using trading signal , I earn more when starts to use Its , so fast in identifying profit recently I made 4120usd on my self

  2. Loving the insights on crypto trading strategies! Quick heads up: AIZ token's whitelist is opening soon. Definitely worth keeping tabs on for potential trading boosts!

  3. oh god ,Arty, This is really hard for me to understand.
    Because i am new
    where i start to learn, it's been a month now,
    haven't start yet.
    I have to go back my own country to renew my ID first,
    god so much thing need to sort out .
    really want to invest it inmmediately.
    already downloan binance.
    I want to be a Successful Trade

  4. Love your videos… Can you make one on how to open an account in Osprey and Tradelocker, and how to use them please??? I get hung up on the server part of Tradelocker. I was trying to do the initial free trial and just can not figure it out. Thank you for all you do!!! I was just about to give up on day trading when I found your channel. Hope all is well Brother!!!!

  5. love the videos man, I wanted to see if you or anyone in the comments had tips on what platforms allow for marginal leverage trading. I am in the USA and it seems every platform I look at is restricted or not as good like coinbase futures

  6. How do you know which swing high to mark out as the top of the PD Array? There are some less prominent highs that still broke the previous structure along the way with mini pullbacks. Eg at 2:36

  7. Brother I hope you become the richest and happiest man in the world I hope all the dreams you have come true you are a king brother helping us newbies out without charging a dime much love to my man ❤ please people if you are not subscribed please do and don't be afraid to hit that like button it don't bite 😂 this man is helping us without Charging a penny so the least you can do is subscribe and like his content

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