Best 3 Volume Indicators To Filter Out Fake Trade Signals

Looking to improve your trading strategy and avoid fake trade signals? In this video, we’ll be reviewing the top 3 trading indicators …


  1. 1:53 Heatmap Volume xdecow 3:32 Inputs > 3:26 Extra High 3, 3:28 High 1.5, 3:30 Medium 0.5
    4:13 Parabolic SAR everget 4:27 Style > uncheck PSAR and Trade State Filling
    4:20 Moving Average 4:39 Inputs > 4:40 Length 60 Style > Color and thickness to your choosing
    4:48 Strategy
    4:58 Longs
    5:20 Shorts
    5:52 Volume Fight Shuttle_Club 6:47 Inputs > Which parameters to configure
    7:08 Long
    7:30 Shorts
    7:56 Volume spread Analysis [Kintsugi Trading] KintsugiTrading 8:52 Inputs > Moving Average 300, MA-2 Multiplier 1, MA-3 Multiplier 2 9:01 Style > Moving Average Color white, Volume displays type Columns
    9:05 Longs
    9:34 Shorts

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  3. There are algorithms to hide big institutional engagement. Interactive Brokers is one of those brokers offering such algorithms. Wyckoff's VSA might still work sometimes on a macro scale, but it's almost 100 years old, and institutions and brokers have progressed in their techniques. Relying on volume patterns will have you miss out on big moves nowadays.

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