Best 1 minute timeframe trading strategy (scalping)

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  1. ๐Ÿ‘thanks. Due to my work routine I'm limited to the London open (to trade). Any scalping tactics for the first 45 min, e.g., Dax, would be greatly appreciated .

  2. Hi nice video I have a question what if there is a pattern but price is not close to any R123 or S123 or Pivot. Then do you think it still works on the beginning of London Session. I am asking because still there is heavy volume comes in during both session.

  3. Thank you for this video. But, i do have some questions, please … if you could be kind enough to answer would be much appreciated …
    Are you taking into consideration, higher time frame, market structure, would you LONG into hourly or 4H resistance line/area? Or vice-versa …
    Do you care about the economic calendar, if yes, what kind of news release or speech will stop you, from taking, what looks a good set up according to the above strategy?
    How much time do you allow, before and after, the economic data release, in order to trade the reaction to the news, as oppose to gamble on what the numbers will come out as …?
    Have you tried it with commodities?
    Thank you very much, guys! I really appreciate your, content!
    Hopefully sometime in the future i will have the pleasure of meeting you …

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