Beginners Guide to Mining Cryptocurrency with a Gaming Computer

This video is dedicated to the gamer that wants to actually get paid a little cryptocurrency with their gaming PC. It is amazing that …


  1. hello im new to your channel and new subscriber too, i would like to ask if did you try a laptop as mining rig? like only at windows i5 or something alike or below? or any recommended that you think might work ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Hello guys, im a complete noob trying to mine eth on my single gpu mining rig

    question is can i mine and receive eth directly to my personal eth address? i live in malaysia and the only crypto broker approved by our sec is LUNO,

    so can i just put my luna receive address in the edit page?

    or does it need to be address from specific broker?

    one more question, ive got a msi 3070 non lhr, can i use nvidia latest driver or only specific driver? im only mining when im not playing games ( which needs updated driver for some games to be optimised)

    thank you in advance i hope i come to the right place

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  5. Just wanted to know if you have time to answer a question. Ive been Watching your vids for awhile and I just wanted to know what os / software combinations you use for your rigs. Im referring to gpu set ups

  6. Crypto been saving my ass , put food on the table for my loved ones, this video explains it including mining, if youโ€™re a novice make sure to learn and buy crypto immediately, if you still need help email me

  7. Hi bits noob here I have just setup a rig getting 144 m/hs using NiceHash, is it better for me to mine direct for my self and should I mine ethereum or etc?

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