Beginners Guide to eToro Money Wallet: How to Use eToro Crypto Wallet?

This video takes you through a beginner guide to the eToro money wallet. ▻ eToro sign-up: …


  1. This man spends hundreds of thousands of time just to help us. He helps those in need while also helping us. He always puts a smile on our faces and we should appreciate it. Hats off to Him! I love you dude. Crazy I've never payed attention to the Particlecracker movement when I say ancestrals your a gift to our peoples

  2. Hi. Its interesting that you state that you dont buy crypto via etoro as I have come to the same conclusion really quickly also. I think that for standard stoick and maybe commodities that etoro is ok but for crypto maybe not.

  3. hi great video,i have bought crypto in small amounts over a year to build up my positions, i see though these smaller positions are not available to send to wallet, so how to i amalgamate all these smaller positions to make one large position, to then send to wallet………..

  4. Hmmm, Is this a review or etoro money' or the standard 'etoro'? It seems to be etoros standard bank transfers you had trouble with, not eroro money. From the video footage it looks as though you made a standard bank transfer instead of making an etoro money account transfer. Meaning that you transferred into your etoro account directly without using the 'etoro money account' service. Not to say that that that shouldn't be highlighted but it is nothing to do with the 'etoro money' app or service. This may just be an omission in the video footage vs actual transfer or not? Or maybe this video is out of date and needs updated?

  5. yes! What a nightmare!!! It was such a pain to move my coins! Not to mention, all of the small purchases, which are kept separate and do not meet the 'limit' to transfer. grrrrr, they are stuck until I want to sell…

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