Beginners Guide to Day Trading (with ZERO experience) $1,000 Small Account Challenge

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  1. To obtain financial freedom, one must either be a business owner, an investor or both generating passive income particularly on a weekly or monthly basis. That's the key to living financially stable…

  2. Thank you! Your videos provide daily solace as I watch them during market highs and lows. Handling the prevailing market unpredictability is undoubtedly tough! With substantial selling forces in play, expecting more instability prior to a possible downfall is a tangible concern. The examination into the historical data for October and the meticulous scrutiny of particular market levels prove to be priceless. Paying attention to these factors can drastically alter the course for making knowledgeable investment choices in this era of uncertainty. My personal experience with Norman Vitalii has been overwhelmingly positive, enabling me to gather 23 bitcoins in a brief seven-week period of day trading, underscoring its immense proficiency.

  3. Great, I lost over $48k when everything started to tank. Not because I was in an exchange that went belly up. I was just stupid to hold and because that's what everyone said. I'm still responsible. It just taught me to be a better investor now that I understand more of what could go wrong. It took me over two years of being in the market, I'm really grateful I found one source to recover my money, at least $90k profits weekly.Thanks so much Norman Vitalii

  4. Thanks to Norman Vitalii, my financial growth has been nothing short of phenomenal. Their strategic market insights and expert guidance have resulted in impressive financial gains.

  5. Bucking conventional wisdom, the stock market is currently bullish. Despite risks and high rates, it grows, emphasizing adaptability for traders. Instead of predictions, they should focus on trends and strategy adjustments. Key factors include specific stocks' performance and upcoming earnings reports. For those eager to thrive, real-time data and sharp analytics are critical. My own success? A testament to Norman Vitalii– over 19btc amassed in just six weeks.

  6. ive always felt if both in the marrige are okay with seperating accounts its fine….maybe in this situation, they should have a joint account AND their seperate account, As a student, I didn’t have much to invest, but Norman Vitalii helped me grow my savings substantially. Now, I can afford a summer internship abroad!

  7. The financial expertise provided by Norman Vitalii has been instrumental in my journey to financial freedom. Their ability to predict market shifts and provide sound advice has led to substantial wealth gains.

  8. The fin-Market;s have underperformed the U.S. economy as fear of inflation hammers the prices of stock;s and bonds. My portfoliio of $750k is down to $592k any recommendation;s to scale up my return;s during this crash will be highly appreciated

  9. We Are in Unchartered Financial Waters! every day we encounter challenges that have become the new standard. Although we previously perceived it as a crisis, we now acknowledge it as the new normal and must adapt accordingly. Given the current economic difficulties that the country is experiencing in 2024, how can we enhance our earnings during this period of adjustment? I cannot let my $680,000 savings vanish after putting in so much effort to accumulate them.

  10. Great info, thanks a lot! Completely new to trading, will let my oldest daughter who is 11 watch too. Would be great to have a video explaining the terms you use even more, for pre-teens or teens to understand.

  11. I am trying to learn forex trading as a day trader, very very rookie here. I started watching your videos a few days ago, and today , while watching this video, i learn the awesome oscillator.. i have never heard of that term and i am so glad you showed me that and i did my due diligence to see how it works. it's working for me. i am still learning and i am very thankful for people like you who give their time and effort to educate people who are willing to learn and improve themselves and their skills. in the last hour, i made 10 trades (lol) and 9 of them are wins. haha.first time since i started my journey to day trading. thank you so much.

  12. The negative impact of SVB and SI debacles has been reflected in the regional bank ETF (KRE) which has witnessed a decline of over 20%. This event has triggered contagion effects, dragging the entire market lower. However, historically speaking, a localized and narrow contagion of this nature presents an opportune time to invest in strong, financially stable companies with substantial cash reserves on their balance sheets.

  13. One more crazy question. So all that time and technical analysis just to be wrong 90% of the time. .. do you mean to tell me that if i just sell short- do the opposite when i think I'm supposed to go long that i would have won 90% of those trades? Btw ive tried it. The times i do the opposite it just so happens that i wouldvr been right on those time's i decided to go wrong just to test my hypothesis. 🤯 what the. .

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