Beginners Guide To Cryptocurrency Taxes 2023

Are you new to cryptocurrency and unsure about how to handle taxes? In this video, we break down everything you need to know …


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  2. Tom, great video. Unfortunately, you are one of the very few crypto "influencers" who talk in depth about taxes. People who say they don't have to pay taxes….or they won't get caught, or taxes aren't legal, blah, blah, blah, will be in for a very rude surprise one day. No one LIKES paying taxes, but unfortunately, it is the law.

  3. How exactly are you paying taxes on UNREALISED profits or losses?>?? Surely its only when youve made a realised profit or loss you should pay?? Why would you be paying on something youve not even touched for say 2 years and is just sitting there going up or down, makes no sense. If i buy coin X at $1 and it goes up to $4 and its unrealised why would i pay tax on it if say the next week AFTER paying tax on an unrealised profit from that coin , it dropped to 0.30c.?? Ive then had to sell crypto asset thus leaving me with less tokens which have then dropped 80% , so im out of pocket in tax payment AND ive lost a significant portion of my crypto which then ALSO dropped in price. This literally makes no sense

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