Beginner Trader Mistakes To Avoid in 2023

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  1. Tips
    1. Collect news about finance both national and international
    2. Risk management
    Use Stop loss
    Large caps
    Diversify ur fund in different stocks
    Journaling ur profit and loss consistently
    3. Analysis company about its balance sheet, system & current news of it
    4. Dont tempt on money
    Trade 1 or 2 stock per day
    Dont follow social media news without proper knowledge
    Have Emotional control in both profit and loss
    Follow particular rules of ur own
    5. Know about trading platform completely like App features

  2. Whoever traders watching this video – Tip 1 for F&O – Never enter trade without checking larger timeframes in chart like 30min or 1 hour. If you enter using 5min or 1 min then the losses may go high so check the trend and option interest and datas of FII and PRO then enter with CE or PE in options . So DATAS and TIMEFRAMES both will help you get good returns.
    Initially use Stop Loss before you get skilled and later you can avoid if you are sure with price action in bigger timeframes as you can see the trend change very clearly there.

  3. KRL XTபங்கு ஒரு நாளைக்கு100/ மேலாக அதிகரிக்கிறது ஆனால் எதட்காக buypanna முடிவதில்லை

  4. bro shares sell panama vachitai iruntha enna bro namaku profit . value increases aagum but namaku monthly yathum profit varuma apdi yathum kedayatha..pls anyone replay

  5. Ithula epdi money potu stock vangi sale pani profit edukurathu. Atleast 1000₹ invest pani daily 100₹ profit kediakuma epdi ithu enathunu yarum clear panunga pls

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