Bearish September Setup

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  1. What if the SEC locks all retailer investors out of crypto globally by way of saying you have to be an accredited investor to own crypto? What do retail investors do with they're tokens?

  2. Lol you said tht september is bearish for the last 5 years
    And that crypto is highly manipulated right ?
    So i wont be surprised this september will be bullish
    Just like last december that is usualy a bullish month except last december 2021
    That is manipulation

  3. Lots of bullish events, this month. I believe you made a short on that😂 Who knows how it will play out. We have never had a September with all of the real adoption that is happening this month. Also, the stock marked and tangibles have been throttled, while btc just hung out around 20k, for several months now. I think tjat is very bullish. No one is really talking about how btc kind of separated from the NYSE.

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