Avalanche (AVAX) Explained: Crypto Beginner's Guide 2022

In this video, we’re going to be going over the basics of the Avalanche cryptocurrency. As many of you have probably heard in the …


  1. I would love it if you would do some work on Elephant Money Futures. It really is a diamond in the rough. 0.5% day, Busd in and out, fully backed. Look it up

  2. I dont think you should compare advance to Cosmos and polkadot, these are layer zero protocols while Avalanche is a layer one protocol

  3. did he make an entire vid about avax but didnt include the official avax link or Im just missing it ? the site i found has an all white symbol not red. Not sure if thats the correct site. thx

  4. So it’s pay to win? The more AVAX you own the more voting power you have? Is that correct? I thought in the beginning of the video you said Avalanche reaches out to random participants until a majority determines what the verdict is on said new rule/law?

  5. AVAX and SOL are both super exciting I think AVAX will dominate the Corporate space ranging from insurance which they already have a partnership with Deloitte for disaster relief funds and have seen they have their foot in the Law area will LLO i think they are called where communities can pay for law fees and earn a percentage of the case, kinda amazing and SOL will probably try and infiltrate The payments sector and gaming and NFTs. SOL security is obviously got some ???next to it, but most of the developers are going to SOL, the big question is, why?

  6. A good explanation for Avax ( for a rookie) JUST KIDDING. Great video. Very straightforward and informative. Out of the THOUSANDS of tokens out there, I love avax, Its like ETH all over again except a better, faster, more scalable version with a greener vision and minus all of the grimy insider trading types like Joe Lubin and Mike Novagrime.

  7. Hello bro.
    Do you a free course about making drop shipping website? I am planning to make my own drop shipping website using Shopify. I am beginner literally never started yet. I am impressed by you how much side hustle you have yet spend little time on it and making a lot of money.
    I love watching your free courses btw. And looking forward to gain more knowledge from you.

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