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  1. As Bitcoin hit 2020’s ATH at nearly $15,700, open interest on top derivatives exchanges like CME and Bakkt went up. On CME, where top institutions trade, the open interest increased by 16% to $933 Million

    Based on data from Skew, open interest has climbed up, however, trade volume did not increase proportionately. It averaged at nearly $666 Million. Trade volume had hit $1 Billion on CME in the last week of October. Smart money is interested, however, it seems to be indecisive.

    On Bakkt, as Bitcoin’s price went up, the volume of physically settled Bitcoin Futures exceeded cash-settled. The reason may be that margin on cash-settled futures relies heavily on price, volatility, and volume on hand-picked spot exchanges. The current price rally to $15800 may or may not be sustained, likewise the volatility on both spot and derivatives exchanges continues to remain high. So trading at this moment is a priority choice, increased my BTC from 4.5 to 9 BTC in one week due to the education and guidance and follow up from the best vicente sanz, he is reliable and spontaneous and he feed accurate signals, you too can make as much more profit for yourself too , you can reach him on tele Gram @vicentesanz or on WhatsApp (+44 7380 353818)

  2. I went for this some time ago and I've lost 0.25 bitcoin.At the time was 2500 dollars value.This 2 guys are jokers from my point of view and they will let you in loss like they did to me.I can backup what I say with my Bitmex account and the emails from these "gentleman".From now on it is your choice.

  3. I used to use indicators, they didn't help me. I look at the candles, the trends and the momentum of the markets to get a good indication of whats happening. It gets easier with practice. I only started on $100, and i have lost it all, then i messaged Hilda Park he gave me some tutorials and i invested with him he has made me more confidant, and the value of patience and discipline contact her via whatsapp +16502096737.

  4. I never thought that these account managers were close to being real, but I suppose it was proven that I was wrong with David Haggard's strategy. Assigning a certain amount of risk for a predetermined time earning profits means that I can boldly invest and also recommend it to beginners or to those who have little or no knowledge in the trade. It is available for consultations and professional assistance directly on Mail via superpaytrading@gmailcom

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