Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Bot with Python – Pt. 2 Bollinger Bands Backtesting

Part 2 of the automated cryptocurrency trading series. In this video, we backtest a simple trading strategy using Bollinger Band …


  1. Does anyone confuse about "from plot_utils import plot_results"? I got an ImportError : cannot import name 'plot_results' from 'plot_utils' , Thanks! Very great video

  2. over two years from the beginning of the pandemic started to learn python, trading bot, and AI.
    to be honest, this channel is one of the best informative and educational series I found.

    I hope, we will see more videos from him with only 2 parts that answer most of my questions.

    I have a suggestion could you please create combined indicators like RSI, MACD, and (Bollinger band or Stochastic)
    or Risk Management (Passive & Active strategy).

    Again, Thanks

  3. love the video, two suggestions for next vids 1) take all tweets for a coin then only if the coin is trending positive then implement a bot with a strategy like this video. 2) buy a coin a second after its newly listed on binance

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