AUSTRALIAN SHOCKER: How the Crypto.Land Is Reacting to CBA's Crypto Move

CBA #bitcoin #btc In this Australian shocker, the Crypto.Land community is not happy after learning the Commonwealth Bank of …


  1. I just tried to enter into the crypto currency market and was blocked by commonwealth bank. I’ve been trying to purchase crypto for over a week and since I’ve been trying in that week I’ve noticed my purchasing power get lower and lower Nevis the back won’t allow it. I only found out last night and then did s a search on YouTube and found you, how can I successfully enter the market?????

  2. Im glad im not the only one! CBA dogs i can show you my ASX losses compared to my losses on crypto bit they never protected me from my ASX trades through commsec…

  3. The biggest shareholder of CBA is BlackRock. BlackRock is buying up big in BTC, and as we all know, they have filed with the SEC for a spot BTC ETF. Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks to me like owning any more than 1 Bitcoin will be reserved for the elites, whilst everyone else will be trading on an ETF in the near future.
    It looks like CBDC's are inevitable. I'd love to hear some theories as to how crypto will fare once fiat currency is completely dissolved into CBDC's. I'd suppose that the harder it is to attain something like BTC, the scarce desirable assett factor would drive the price up, potentially beyond our wildest estimates, but at the same time, if nobody can actually buy in, then could this destroy a large proportion of crypto?

  4. It’s banks protecting deposits. If there is a viable alternative to bank deposits the banks are in big trouble. All the banks are technically insolvent, their loan book is based on overvalued home prices. If their deposits fall they cannot sustain their loan book, a cascading scenario of homesales and collapsing house prices ensues.

  5. They know when ETF go live huge flows plus u can get 5% on staking much better than any bank product. Question is are they colluding with Gov?

  6. Did you know there is a $20k limit per day and this will go to $10k per MONTH. This will impact SMSF who want to invest, very authoritarian. The only thing they wants is for you to invest in the property ponzi.

  7. The commbank is only interested in their commsec fees. We all know there's a mass majority that moved to crypto. As someone that was pumping 100k into commsec, I moved entirely to crypto from asx in 2021-2022. They were making a killing from my commsec trading fees. They are absolutely greedy. They certainly dont stop you from pumping the pokies.

  8. well said.. I have had similar situations with a few banks, yet they openly use blockchain technology for inter bank transactions..

    They are just very scared about share price and profit loss.

  9. Waooo I have battled for years and months to trade on my own
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  10. Yep I'm going through this now with Commbank, is there anyway around this like a prepaid credit card ? Anyone have a work around ? Like you said 24hrs can be a lifetime in Crypto

  11. I didn't receive a notice from the CBA and as from this morning money I have tried to send to the crypto exchange is 'pending'. Changing banks for sure

  12. Problem is that people don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions, especially when it comes to investments. But I do agree, I don’t believe at all that any bank should tell you what you can do with your money.

  13. Biance and Coinbase activity is under scrutiny in a major market , why should CBA get involved in that.. they are looking after their backside.. I support CBA al these Cryto exchanges and product should get regulated just like all other stock listing and trading

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