ATR Indicator CHEAT CODE UNLOCKED (Average True Range Trading Strategies For Beginners)

Discover how to trade Forex & stock market using average true range (ATR). In this video you’ll learn: • How to make money …


  1. set your atr period to cover the london session opening or nyse period, if you're trading smaller tfs. For example if you trade at NYSE open on a 15min, then 14 period ATR is fine as it covers the London session and gives you a good overview of the volatility to be expected. Also don't use 2x atr stops if you're daytrading or scalping.

  2. Good. But follow either dialogues or sub titles. Too many subtitles, hinder the understanding & visibility. Just a feedback. Also change yr modulation.

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  4. ATR bamds really shines when you use bigge values like 600 and say 8 multiplier on say M15
    Just tweak it forn each asset to envelop the price nicely.
    Non repaint dynamic, longterm trend support and visualization…

  5. Is there an indicator that shows ATR in a set period of candles but for number of past days during the same time we are now?
    For instance NAS has vastly different ATR in London vs NY session. Using usual ATR for each session is important

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