Angel Investors: How to Find Investors [in 2023]

In this video, we look at how you find an Angel Investor for your business. We show you 5 specific strategies to help you find an …


  1. Hi Heini, it is very rare to find resources like this, especially from somebody that has a track record like yourself. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to create content like this and keep aspiring entrepreneurs going!

  2. Prime Capital solutions offers good collaborations, consultancy and sponsorship for small business and starting Entrepreneurs, it's kinda considerable if you're just starting out and want international collaborations

  3. Hi Heini,

    I am looking for an investor for past month. If you can get on a video conference with me I can explain you the whole business idea. I can offer you equity and royalty only if you can give me just 5 mins of your time.

  4. Hi from Uzbekistan . I want to inform that I am from a region near the Aral Sea . We have cotton and we are welcome the companies investing manufacture sector for low price labour.

  5. Great content. I am in to Agricbusinesses in Sierra Leone. The market for adding values to the various raw materials is readily available. My company is struggling to get capital to establish the needed facilities. An angel investor to help me achieve this with an awesome ROI will be well appreciated. #SierraLeoneWestAfrica

  6. @Heini Zachariassen I use vivino all the time only to come across your channel and at first i didn't realise you were the founder so congrats on your massive success.

    I'm a second time founder, my previous company was the first African founded company to be accepted to Y-Combinator and unfortunately had to close for several reasons.

    Funding has always been tricky especially for this part of the world and the current market is bad for all founders, what would your advice be to go about getting to PMF?

  7. These angel investor websites are worthless. They do not tell you any stats on profile views. They do offer lots of fee-based services though. They’re not in business help you find investors. They’re dishonest scammers.

  8. Hello sir I From Pakistan I have not investment I arange invester agriculture farming experience low cost vegetable onion xyz export high demand countries please you arange invester 1million dollar. invester believe me

  9. I would love to find investors- is it common that they take/steal ideas ? How do you protect your idea while selling the idea? I’ve worked for corporations all my life so this is all new to me. Thanks.

  10. Thank you so much!!! I was so lost when it came to find funding for my start up business. It been difficult but finding this type of resources for FREE makes all the difference. Thank you and I will report back when your tips render some success! wish me all the luck on this life venture!!!
    Thank you again!!!

  11. How about a SCOR offering? I want to buy land and build. My problem is the federal government made it illegal for me to ask for funding for a real estate business unless I have land already, and I don’t. Guess I’ll just have to keep saving my money.

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