An INVINCIBLE Bitcoin Trading Strategy – Excellent Returns, Minimal Risk!

An INVINCIBLE Bitcoin Trading Strategy – Excellent Returns, Minimal Risk! ▻ Open Account with Delta Exchange, World #2 …


  1. Well that would be impossible to do considering I'm in my late 50s and I'm more interested in investments that could set me up for retirement in my 60s, my goal is atleast $2million

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  3. <Always good to hear your thoughtful and logical analysis. I think we are already in a crab market Personally. Usually when those sudden dips and then the immediate recovery happen, like yesterday's, it's because the market makers want to liquidate all the longs based purely on what the Fed are doing. This is a perfect time to partake in trading as it is volatile. I've made over 9.2 BTC when I started at 2.5 BTC in just a few weeks with Davids Leroy his strategy is so satisfying.

  4. Hi >Sundar< , I’ve been watching you and Jason for awhile now and think you both do a great job. Thanks for all your hard work and keeping those of us still in the crypto market up to date. I really appreciate your regular looks at ETH, SOL, MATIC since I have positions in all of them. Trading went smooth for me as I was able to raise 16 btc when I started at 9 Btc in just few weeks implementing trades with signals and insights from Judith Sherwood . Cheers mate.

  5. 1. Capital deployed was 11000 $ that is 10% of his capital..
    2. He told , he done some adjustments which he cannot explain in public ..
    3. His disclaimer is genuine..
    4. Most of his followers are retail traders/investors..
    5. Is this work out for the 4th point people..
    6. Genuine comments are welcome..

  6. Great stream, as always. I appreciate the level-headed approach you take to the news and the markets . A lot has changed and that's on everything but the truth is I don't even care much about bullish or bearish market anymore because Axel William got me cover as I am comfortably making 11B T C monthly.

  7. I watch this channel for a good, morning summary of global cues and news. One can be choosy when it comes to product promos, level predictions and other special episodes of no interest. it's up to us what to consume!

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