An Inside Look at the Big Money's Bitcoin Trading (w/ Michael Moro)

Michael Moro is the CEO of Genesis, one of the largest over-the-counter market-makers for bitcoin and altcoins. In this interview …


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  2. 'No one uses Bitcoin to make payments anyways.' 'It's not what it's trying to solve' Oh no ? What's the name of the original white paper again ? "A peer to peer electronic cash system". Sorry maybe I misread the title then. Or not. But you're right mister Genesis, nobody cares about payments anymore, because it has become a bubble. The only interest is the price going up. Who cares about using Bitcoin, your interest is for more people to buy it and hold it so the price can keep going up, it's not in your interest to see it being used since that would stop the price appreciation.

    Bitcoin will be used as payment, eventually, and you and your speculator friends will cease to matter at that point.

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  9. Big investors are the most likely to sell there whole position 4 fiat because they have fiat bias and subject to gov influence that can force them to sell to support the dollar vs bitcoin so at the worst possible moment

  10. Notice how he glosses over the #3 digital asset every time. Barry Silbert does exactly the same thing. Grayscale holds XRP so they obviously believe in it. XRP has been a top 3 digital asset for years, displacing ETH for second place many times. These guys have collectively agreed not to talk about it obviously. The question is why?

  11. Does the interviewer know anything about crypto? This interview was really….surface level. The question about price supports and technicals, was a non-sense answer

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  13. Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme. It has a fatal flaw: transactions get more expensive the more there are, but miners are paid less. Eventually it becomes too expensive to maintain and it dies a horrible death as the last miner stops mining and the "investors" are left holding the bag with worthless Bitcoins that can no longer be bought or sold.

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