An Easy Way to Trade Bitcoin [Strategy Tested in 2020]

In this video, I am going to show you how you can trade bitcoin using a simple mechanical trading strategy. I use a price channel …


  1. Once again, the largest crypto asset Bitcoin has been able to come out of the dark after Bitcoin has been able to increase with more than 2% and it recovered above the $8,600 resistance against the US Dollar. The pair is likely to accelerate its rise above the $11,000 and $11,500 resistance levels. DCA is a rather crude method but trading on the other hand is very effective and profitable when you are trading with the right strategy/signals. Am not an expert trader but a smart one who follows trade strategy/signals of well-organized expert traders, Mrs Rachel Brooke , is one trader I recommend. I have been able to grow my initials from 0.8 btc to 7 btc in one active month of day trading with her strategy/signals which every investor/trader out there will say is perfect. I will advise investors/traders to day trade and make profit before bitcoin skyrockets. Mrs Rachel can be contacted via WhatsApp +14422433874 and email ( )

  2. Great video, Mark. Thanks for sharing. Question: what is your exit? Let it ride until it hits the profit target or the stop loss limit?

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