Amazing Liquidity Grab Strategy

Liquidity grabs can be a great indication to enter into a trade. If you pair this with other confluences, it’ll work wonders! Enjoy!


  1. wonder if there's a percentage correlation between strength of move and time frame.
    as in, 4 hour time frame = 70% accuracy of predicted move or 30 minute- 60%

  2. Don't use this shit alone you should use many things together with this method I suggest just to use trend lines it's waaaaaaaaay easier to use and to execute just find a trend line and enter when the price reaches it and you can use some conformations with it like a S&D zones or Fibonacci or candle stick pattern etc etc…

  3. did u know 80% of time it wickes down to the stoploss lvls and then reverse up ? enter on the retest insted———– dont rekt ppl , this 1 just feeds the exchanges

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