Algorithmic Trading on YouTube is Fake | How Financial Firms Actually Make Money

Today we discuss the common misconceptions of retail traders regarding the algorithmic trading or more commonly termed ‘algo …


  1. If it is work definately.. go ahead and become billionaire. I spend my whole life on trading I'll tell you something there is no such a thing "prediction"

  2. basically ALL variations of "how i make money" videos on YT are fake BS. think about it: if i had a scheme that actually makes $, i'm sure as hell not going to tell the world about it.

  3. the more brokerage you earn? lol you are talking bollocks.. man algo trading fixes a human error when done correctly. strategies don't just make you win. the following can be hard, finding trades correctly in the market can be difficult and algo auto trading fixes all of this.

  4. Interesting, must be the reason why eToro's orders seem a little off in price compared to the actual order price you set. They could essentially profit from inaccuracy if they have little volume.

  5. Any business is set up to make money by offering services. Financial services offering opportunities to make money same as a corner shop. It's a buyer's responsibility to be educated and knowledgeable in order to make money. Algo trading key benefit is to take away human emissions in decision making and follow trading rules.

  6. I am currently living off of my Algo trading gains. Took close to a year and around $27,000 in losses before I figured out how to become profitable. It's not as easy as it seems, but it's not entirely impossible

  7. what's the conflict of interest of a Quant making a video trying to convince retail traders that they can't beat the market. Guys retail traders are pain in the a$$ for quantitative trading firms. Remember that trend is your friend, cut your losses short, let your profits run, manage risks, and you will make money.

  8. This is almost a summary of the crime going on today and has been for a long time lol market manipulation and crime is so bad how can anyone invest anymore!? SEC and DOJ and everyone in on it to take retails money any way they can!

  9. An interesting rabbit hole is the channels financial incentive is Youtube Ad revenue. If a video including "algo trading is fake" gets more views than an algo trading strategy video, you have to wonder are the strategy videos fake, or does calling them fake get you more views therefore more ad revenue?

  10. def (but):
    41.920%_return = using a code of 3 simple indicators in my home made crypto bot.
    print("but this alpha is super secret of course.")
    sorry = only day dreaming hahaha

    good video but get rich or die trying.

  11. If you value your time: he tells you that people in finance either make money by taking comissions or trading succesfully (buying low selling high). Yep, he takes 20+ minutes to tell you this 'revolutionary' infomation. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Spot on !
    I quite fancy algorithm trading and the results so far has been very lucrative! Currently, I'm being walked by a 7figure elite trader on how to reach peak performance, at the same time earning reasonable sums off the exchange markets having him manage my trades.

  13. If you find a high beta stock (3>) and buy in a bull market or sell in a bear market (according to federal spending), surely you will find a significant annualised alpha since you are essentially playing 3x whatever the according market is.

  14. An additional benefit to โ€œquantโ€ trading that has nothing to do with Alpha is the elimination of emotion: as long as you can truly follow your systems. Having a system can be as simple as never going long when the asset you are looking at is below itโ€™s 200 day moving average. This sounds almost idiotic in itโ€™s simplicity, but I would say that 90% of all people I have shared this technique with have been unable to follow it, let alone anything else that is more complex. Following a simple 200 day rule could be the first step in reducing volatility and drawdown in your portfolio, thus making it more emotionally easy to actually stay invested. Iโ€™ve used this technique (along with a lot of more complex ones) as part of my toolbox for over 30 years and it has helped me out significantly.

  15. entered here only for the title, since it's bullshit. i trade a fixed strategy and goes smooth like silk, algos don't work for people because: 1 they don't know how to do a proper backtest 2 dont stick to the strategy 3 have a bias 4 people cant get on a diet, you think they have the diligence, cold blood, consistency that it takes to make it in trading?

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